Hello, my name is Laura Breneman and this is not a fancy food blog and I do not like cheese.


My name is Laura Breneman

I am a working Mom who doesn't really have the time to cook, but I try to make it happen because I like to eat good tasting food. I don't take myself seriously, I don't consider my self a great cook, I simply just find recipes that look good and try them out and I love to share them!

If you have tips and tricks for me I would love to know!

 Don't be expecting extra fancy food photography, its just  pictures that I take on my phone and little doodles that do well...because I also like to draw. 

I started posting cooking videos on Instagram Stories and I had a lot of requests for the recipes that I was making. I also plan a weekly menu that people often ask about. So here you go! 

I almost always follow a recipe, and occasionally I will make tweaks. I will always share the link of where I got the recipe from and note what tweaks I made if any!

Also something to note *** I do not  like cheese** Please do not be expecting to see any cheese heavy recipes on here!!!